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Previous editions: year 2007

The first festival was called The day of the Legend („Święto Legendy”). The lineup included The Animals – the legend of British rock of the 1960s, a great competition to The Beatles and Rolling Stones. The Animals had a couple of world reknown hits including House Of The Rising Sun remembered by millions of people. Every time people listen to the song, it brings back memories. There is only one artist from the original band - the drummer John Steel. The second musician at the first festival was Terry Man from New York, where he was among other with John Lennon (we jammed together in some club but he didn’t remember much, he was binge drinking) and Miles Davis (my aunt cleaned in the studio in which Miles recorded music). After the session I went up to him and asked if I could take a photo with him - he said yes). Terry's own songs inspired by Mississippi blues were not as widely known but he surprised the audience with his cover versions of other famous songs such as Hotel California by The Eagles and also with charming voice and original guitar playing in Hendrix’ songs. The third artist at the festival in Dolina Charlotty was Ray Wilson, the ex-lead singer from Genesis. He is even more popular in Poland than in his homeland Great Britain as he lives in Poznań. He performed with a band called ""Stiltskin"". He loved it so much that he decided to come back next year. The first edition of the festival also featured Shannon and Krystyna Prońko.

Zdzisław Pająk

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