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Previous editions: year 2013

       The 7th Rock Legends Festival was the greatest of them all for many fans and probably also for the organisers. It was surely not only due to the fact that the so far greatest star performed at the enlarged amphitheatre (10 thousand seats), a star whose performance at this festival was only a faraway dream up till that point. It turned out that it pays to dream, as the greatest rock guitarist, Carlos Santana, really did perform in Dolina Charlotty and surprised both the audience and the organiser. He played longer than scheduled (if not for the storm and rain his performance would probably last even longer) but before the concert he suddenly walked through the amphitheatre not fearing the fan attack (who were so surprised that they barely had time to react) whereas during his performance he gave one of his signed guitars and a great bouquet of white roses to Mirosław Wawrowski, the organiser of the festival and the owner of Dolina Charlotty. it is no surprise that he was so amazed that he could not even utter a word. I think none of us would be able to hide the emotions or tears of happiness. Santana’s concert was one of those that you remember all your life, even if the view was blocked by other fans dancing between the aisles, even if the amphitheatre was full to the brim and even if after the concert it was difficult to leave it. Still, the music unleashed such great emotions and brought happiness and energy to all the people. Carlos mesmerised everybody with his play on the quitar with the easily recognisable crystal clear sound. He played Europe, Black Magic Woman, Gypsy Queen. He pumped up the volume with the percussion instruments inspired by the Latino folk music: Jingo, Oye Como Va, Se Acabó. He helped the singer in Maria Maria and Corazón Espinado but also other hits from the radio or his albums from the past couple of decades. He mostly played songs from his oldest albums, the first three in fact, and at the legendary Woodstock festival in 1969 (Soul Sacrifice). Everything was ordered in the great musical schedule, with film and photos from the festival in the background and with hippie texts such as „Here is my new home”, ”This is how it should be like all over the world”, „Love, respect, faith, harmony, beauty and grace”, „No conflicts, wars or brutality”. I will add that he donated a part of his fee for the concert in Dolina Charlotty to the charity organisation Milagro which he set up in 1998 roku, and which takes care of starving children around the world.

        Carlos Santana’s concert was undoubtedly the greatest event crowning this year Rock Legends Festival but the performances of both Alice Cooper and John Mayall are also worth mentioning. Vincent Damon Furnier, known since the 1960s as Alice Cooper, which refers to an American witch of the same name from the 17th century, together with a team of 5 artist gave a slightly gruesome and shocking performance. It included Frankenstein, the guillotine and elements of a psychiatric ward. It was divided into three complementary parts during which the singer sang his greatest hits (Eighteen, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Hey Stoopid, Poison, Bilion Dollar Babies, Welcome To My Nightmare) four cover songs to honour his famous late colleagues: Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Keith Moon, the drum player of the legendary The Who). We heard fantastically played and sang songs: Break On Through (The Doors), Foxy Lady (Hendrix), Revolution (The Beatles) and My Generation (the anthem of the 1960s generation by The Who). The singer was accompanied by a fantastic team including the guitarist Orianthi Panagiris, famous for her cooperation with Carlos Santana and Michael Jackson. Towards the end of the concert on the 1st of August, surrounded by a cloud of balloons and streamers Alice Cooper sang his great hit School’s Out intertwined with another classic: Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) by Pink Floyd. .

        In terms of music John Mayall reached yet a higher level (the highest level I think) the next day. The multiinstrumentalist nearing 80 (pianist, guitarist and mostly harmonica player), singer and blues song writer together with three American musicians on the stage of the amphitheatre in Dolina Charlotty gave a performance lasting an hour and a half starting with All Your Love (with slight technical problems with the microphone), through Parchman Farm, All the way to Hideaway, and his own songs: The Bear, Walking On Sunset, So Many Roads, Heartache and finally a long and impressive version of Room To Move with a solo on the harmonica by Mayall and the brilliant bass player Greg Rzab (who cooperated with Buddy Guy), who included the famous riff from Smoke On The Water in his solo. Also Mayall’s musicians deserve praise: Jay Davenport Chicago and Rocky Athas, the guitarist from Texas. The most noticeable among the supporting bands was Hoodoo Band from Wrocław supporting the father of the British blues. Other supporting bands included: post-metal Steak Number Eight from Belgium (supporting Alice Cooper) and Kruk (supporting Santana). 

Zdzisław Pająk

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