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The rules of the amphitheatre

1. All persons present at this site are required to behave in a way that does not threaten the safety of others and abide by house rules and regulations COMMAND AND STAFF EVENT ORGANISER ORDINANCE.

2. They do not have the right to enter on the subject:

  • Persons entered in the register of persons who are now banned from mass events
  • Persons carrying alcohol, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, pyrotechnics or explosives or other
  • Refusing looking luggage or clothing in case of suspicion that these people bring in / in items
  • Persons refusing to show an ID to reliable document provided with a photograph and address
  • Persons whose identification with photograph appearing in the document is difficult (founded on the face "balaclava"

3. Participant undertakes to observe the event the following prohibitions:

  • A total ban on shooting
  • No smoking
  • Allowed to bring food and beverages

4. Any person interfering event is removed by law enforcement officers, in the case of resistance transferred to the Police.

5. If you see a fire or other emergency persons present at the facility should:

  • Immediately notify law enforcement;
  • Use fire-fighting equipment;
  • Avoid panic;
  • Follow the instructions of the police and messages broadcast by loudspeakers;
  • Head for the exits marked roads;
  • Do not obstruct emergency services directions.

6. Organizer provides 10,000 seats.

7. Penalties:

  • Do not use the instructions of the organizer or ancillary services will result in a ban on entry to the
  • Who does not execute commands Order, issued under the Act by the organizer of the event or departments dangerous objects and tools; scarf or face painted the colors of club). event. cleaning, punishable by a fine up to 5000zł. It can also be an additional penalty imposed bans on access to mass event in time from 3 to 12 months.

8. Regulations will be made available by hanging it on the bulletin board at the entrance to the event.

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