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The rules of the event


1. The mass event is being held:

4-5 July 2014

2. Participants have the right to enter into the site in the days and hours:

4th-5th July 2014 18:00

3. Participants may stay in the building until the end of the event.

4. Introduction to mass events are those with a valid ticket, or other documents issued by the organizer allowing entry.

5. The ticket holder is entitled to a single entry to the object (mass event).

6. In the event area have banned people intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

7. In the event area will not be allowed persons who by their conduct pose a potential threat to public order.

8. Persons present at the event are required to behave in a way that does not threaten the safety of other persons present at the event, and in particular comply with the Rules of the event object.

9. At the premises of the event spaces bring: weapons, such pyrotechnic materials. Firecrackers, sparklers, flares, torches, etc., Glass packaging, objects that could endanger human life or health for example. Baseball bats, metal pipes, knives, alcohol and drugs.

10. The Promoter reserves the right to inspect the clothes and carried the baggage of persons entering the event, in the cases specified by law, those who refuse to take this step will not be recessed.

11. The organizer does not deposit items that bringing in and possession during the event is prohibited.

12.The organizer prohibits or events bring in dogs or other animals.

13. The destruction of information tables, garbage cans, benches and any other objects and property, as well as arbitrary relocation of equipment and property located on the premises of the event and stir up the fire.

14. It is forbidden to shout provoking or inciting disturbances and security, which can be a hotbed of conflict, insulting or degrading others because of their gender, race, religion, age, belief or for any other reason.

15. Those who are at the party, which will allow disturbances pose a threat to the other participants of the event, or violate decency, despite the prohibition to bring prohibited items, or do not abide by the Rules will be removed from the event.

16. Attendees do not have access to fenced areas by the Organizer and to the stage and back-stage.

17. It is forbidden to terracing and obstruct in any way exits and evacuation routes, access roads for emergency services and fire hydrants and other equipment necessary for carrying out rescue and fire fighting.

18.Each participant of the event is required to read the instructions for evacuation, if necessary, to comply with it (instructions are placed on the information board).

19. Participant party is obliged to inform the organizer or order service by noticed the fire, threat to life, health or property.

20. The Promoter does not accept responsibility for property left on the premises of the event.

21. Participant party is obliged to comply with the recommendations of the Organiser and the policing service and information service.

22. Organizer, implementing the provisions of these Regulations, works by licensed security personnel of the company, which employ security and information services organizer of the event, which will be entrusted responsibilities to ensure the safety and order during the event.

23. During the Events We apply a total ban on shooting.

24. Na terenie Imprezy obowiązuję zakaz palenia.

25. It is forbidden to eat and drink bringing into the events.

26. The organizer may change the number of security personnel depending on the number of participants of mass events.

27. The final interpretation of these regulations is the sole organizer.

28. Terms will be made available by hanging it on the bulletin board at the entrance to the event.

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